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Name:Vex Verlain
Location:United States of America
White, cisgendered, "middle-class" lesbian in her early thirties. Intersectional feminist, fangirl, gamer, and highly sensitive introvert.

I've been a part of online fandom since 1999. My ships, they are a-many. My alias, why, it is new(ish)!

I like to add the journals of writers I love and have grown up reading, as well as fandom faces I have seen on Tumblr, etc. Please do not feel any pressure to grant me access back.

May is Ehlers-Danlos Awareness Month.

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3:10 to yuma, a03, alexander, anthropology, antique bakery, autumn, bbc sherlock, bell hooks, bend it like beckham, bethesda, black lives matter, black mirror, blackmore's night, bo burnham, bob's burgers, books, boston legal, buffy the vampire slayer, carnivale, cats, chronic pain, complex ptsd, corambis, dar williams, darren hayes, dead like me, descendants of darkness, dessa, dollhouse, eddie izzard, ehlers-danlos syndrome, ellen kushner, empire, etsy, fallout: new vegas, fan fiction, fandom, fandom history, fantasy, feminism, fibromyalgia, final fantasy ix, firefly, forensic files, frasier, frequency, futurama, galavant, game of thrones, geocaching, gordon ramsay, grace and frankie, harry potter, herstory, hot fuzz, house m.d., human rights, in memoriam a.h.h., intersectional feminism, investigation discovery, invisible illness, jurassic park, kingsman: the secret service, language, last week tonight, lgbtqia+, lynn flewelling, margaret cho, mary renault, melancholy, men in black, mental health, mental illness, meta, my life as a background slytherin, nami, neopaganism, new girl, npr, october, once upon a time, otw, owls, paganism, person of interest, pet shop of horrors, pirates of the caribbean, planned parenthood, politics, problematic faves, psychonauts, queer studies, rain, reading, red dwarf, religious studies, rush hour, sarah monette, savage garden, scandal, self care, sense and sensibility, sheogorath, slash, smallville, sociology, spoon theory, star trek: the next generation, star wars, studio ghibli, subeta, subtext, superstore, the blacklist, the daily show, the doctrine of labyrinths, the elder scrolls, the fast and the furious, the gilmore girls, the hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy, the indigo girls, the labyrinth, the lorax, the lord of the rings, the princess bride, the riches, the road to el dorado, the symposium, the vampire chronicles, therapy, this is us, tracy chapman, tumblr, underground, video games, wayward pines, wild wild west, writing, xena: warrior princess, yami no matsuei
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